About Conference

The International Conference On Applied Sciences, Engineering, Technology And Management (ICASETM-20), which is scheduled to take place on the 27th and 28th of May, 2020 in the beautiful city of Dubai will focus on establishing the bar for effective future inclinations with engineering, applied sciences, technology, and management. The international conference has been specifically designed with the intention of delivering outstanding outcomes and challenges in the engineering sector. It intends to bring collectively researchers, scientists, technicians and scholars in all fields of the applied sciences, engineering, technology, and management, for the propagation of original research conclusions, new approaches and developmental practices that yield real results.

Participants will be afforded the incredible chance to interact with leading experts from their respective fields, taking the opportunity to draw everyone commonly in a panel and to bestow their plans in different countries.

ICASETM-20 strives to join the gap among researchers and academics in various domains, and this type of long-term imagination has resulted in the launching of this incredible and unique initiative involving experts from all fields. ICASETM - 2020 is organized specially to furnish delegates with hard-to-find knowledge and expertise that they will find nowhere else.